New country in the North

Stefanson, Vilhelmur (1879-1962).    
A New Country in the North: the Importance of the Arctic for Settlement, Ways of Communication, and Economy (William J. Stefanson; translation from the German edition, revised by Dr. Herman Rüdiger, V. Asatkina; with a foreword by A. Skachko. - [Khabarovsk]: Dalgiz, 1933 (Moscow: Typography of the State Bank of the USSR). - 152 sec. : ill. ; 20x14 cm .
I. Rüdiger, Herman (1889-1946). II. Skachko, Anatoly Evgenievich (1879-1941). III. Asatkina, V. (writer) .1. Development of the Arctic (collection). 2. Territory (collection). 3. USSR - Far North - Popular publications.
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