A new and complete geographical dictionary of the Russian state, or Lexicon. Part 1. А-Ж

  Maximovich, Lev Maksimovich      
A new and complete geographical dictionary of the Russian state, or Lexicon,: Describing alphabetical order, geographically, topographically, andrographically, politically, chronologically, genealogically and geraldically,: Governors, regions and counties; cities, fortresses, redoubts, outposts, jails, jasashnye winter huts, villages, villages, villages, pogosts, pits and settlements; cathedrals, churches and monasteries; ore and other plants and factories; rivers, lakes and seas; islands and mountains; former and new foreign settlements; inhabitants of both natural Russian and other peoples, and the memory of the memorable place of the vast Russian Empire in its present state, in the reign of Empress Catherine the Great, newly built; : With an explanation of those places, which in the former war and past of the Turkish; and some before that and from Persia, Russian courage or possessed, or even now are still in possession; as well as those who are attached to the glorious real reign with Belarus and the Crimea peninsula to Russia; : From memorable and authentic ancient and new sources collected. . - Moscow: Univ. type., in N.Novikov, 1788-1789 . - 4 ° cm
Part 1: A-Z. - 1788. - VII, 292 c. .
1. Russia - Geography - Dictionaries.
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