October Revolution


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The October Revolution: [Memoirs: Kerensky, Milyukov, Krasnov, Denikin, Stankevich, Sokolov, etc.] / comp. SA Alexeev; with a note. AI Usagin. - Moscow; Leningrad: State Publishing House, 1926. - XXXVI, 432 p. ; 23. - (Revolution and Civil War in the descriptions of White Guards [T. 2]). - Chronicle of events: p. 416-419. - A brief vocabulary of names: p. 420-427. - Named decree .: p. 428-431. - Contents: On the internal front / PN Krasnov. Elimination of the speech Kornilov / PN Milyukov. To the history of the last days of the Provisional Government / F. Dan. Protection of the Winter Palace on the day of October 25, 1917 / By Sinegubu. Day of October 25 / S. A. Korenev. Gatchina / AF Kerensky. The October Uprising / VB Stankevich. The overthrow of the Provisional Government / PN Milyukov. Bolshevik coup / AI Denikin. Notes on the Underground Provisional Government / A. Demyanov [and others] .
1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. The Great October Socialist Revolution - 1917 - Memoirs, memos, etc. 4. "White movement" - Figures - Memoirs, notes, etc. ..
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