Teaching history in the Great Patriotic War. Part 2. The New History

Teaching history in the conditions of the Great Patriotic War: a methodical guide for teachers of the secondary school of the Kazakh SSR: Part 1 / Ed. member corr. Acad. Sciences of the USSR prof. A. M. Pankratova; [comp. RA Averbukh and others]; Institute of History of the USSR Academy of Sciences, People's Commissariat of Education of the Kazakh SSR. - Alma-Ata: People's Commissariat of KazSSR, 1942
Part 2: New story. - 1942. - 79, [1] p. -
Bibliograf. at the end of Art. .
1. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. General history - Teaching - Secondary school - Kazakh SSR - Methodological aids. 4. History - Teaching methods - Education of patriotism - Methodological tools. 5. A new history - Teaching - High School - Kazakh SSR - Methodical aids.
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