From the American South to the Russian North


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  Broomfield, William Craft  (1944-).    
From the American South to the Russian North / U. Broomfield; [ed. R. A. Gimadeev]. - 2010. - 9, [1] p. : color. Photos. - On the 9th s. Authors: William Craft Broomfield is a professor of Slavic studies at the University of Tyulain and an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts .
1. Photos of W. K. Brumfield (collection). 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Arkhangelsk region: pages of history (collection). 4. Russians - Mentality. 5. Americans - Mentality. 6. Kimzha, village (Arkhangelsk region).
BBC 63.3 (2Ros-4Arch) 64
BBK 60.028.13
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Storage place: Broomfield, W. K., private collection
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