Compositions. 5. Pushkin and Belinsky


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  Ivanov-Razumnik, Razumnik Vasilievich  (1878-1946).    
Compositions / Ivanov-Razumnik  .- [St. Petersburg: Prometheus, 1911-1916]  .- 22 cm
T. 5: Pushkin and Belinsky: historical and literary articles .- 1916 .- 371 p. .- Contents: Pushkin and Belinsky; Derzhavin; Poems of Pushkin; "Eugene Onegin"; Poetry of spiritual unity (Pushkin); Poetry of spiritual split (Lermontov); Poetry is "tragic" and tragic; Poetry of agricultural life (Koltsov); Belinsky in the thirties; Belinsky and Bakunin in 1840 .
ББК 83.3 (2Рос = Рус) 1
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