Highway to the Great Bear


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Semenov, Julian Semenovich (writer, 1931-1993).    
Highway to the Great Bear: a romantic comedy in 2 acts / Julian Semenov. - Moscow: Department of the distribution of dramatic works of the VUOAP, 1964. - 63 h. -
The right of the first production in Moscow belongs to the Central Theater of the Soviet Army. The play was edited and sent for distribution by the Theater Department of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR. Responsible editor Sun. Malashenko.
The typewritten text on one side of the page.
On the front page number and date of registration: No. A-09625 from 2 / IX-1963.
. - 100 copies. - A-09625 .
1. Semenov, Julian Semenovich (1931 - 1993). Compositions. 2. Yu. S. Semenov (collection). 3. Russian language (collection).
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Original storage: St. Petersburg. state. Theater. b-ka
Издательство Отдел распространения драматических произведений ВУОАП
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