Yulian Semyonov (1931–1993)

Yulian Semyonov (1931–1993)

The collection, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of the writer, journalist, filmmaker and social activist Yulian Semyonov, includes digital copies of books, manuscripts, papers, archive documents and graphic materials that illustrate his life and a multifaceted, creative and social activity.

Since 1955, Semyonov began studying journalism, his works were published in the "Ogonek", "Pravda", "Literary Gazette" and other periodicals.

In the domestic literature the writer came as the author of action-works "Petrovka 38", "Confrontation", "TASS is authorized to declare", "Major Whirlwind", "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and others. All these works have been filmed, which brought them great fame.

Semyonov has become one of the founders of the genre of investigative journalism, the President of the International Association of detective novels, and political (MADPR), editor in chief of the USSR's first independent periodical - magazine "Detective and politics".

In 1988, in collaboration with V. Livanov and V. Solomin he opened the Moscow Experimental Theatre "Detective", and in 1989 he founded the newspaper "Top Secret" and TV show of the same name.

The collection includes 326 storage units.

To prepare the collection were used materials from the Cultural Foundation by Yulian Semyonov and the St. Petersburg State Theatre Library.

  • About Julian Semenov

    This section includes the digital copies of books, video recordings, the Russian and foreign periodical articles, dedicated to work, life and the endeavors of Julian S. Semenov, as well as the copies of advertising posters of his speaking appearances.
  • Creativity

    The section contains texts of literary works, essays, diaries, notes by J. S. Semenov. Of great interest are the manuscripts and working materials for the works that allow having a glimpse into the creative laboratory of the writer, tracing the origin and development of the artistic design. The section also includes materials devoted to the works of J. S. Semenov.
  • Correspondence

    The section contains the letter of J. Semenov, highlighting his professional and social activities. In particular, the attention is paid to the writer’s treatment of Y. V. Andropov and M. S. Gorbachev, as well as a collective letter of V. Livanov, Y. Semenov and V. Solomin to the Minister of Culture of the USSR V. G. Zakharov about the organization and policies of the Theatre detective. The documents in this section reflect the writer's efforts to track down and return to the national museums of stolen during the Second World War cultural values, as well as for the reburial of the ashes of Fyodor Chaliapin in Russia.
  • Photographs

    This section includes photos of various years of J. Semenov. Most of the shots make writer’s family. This is a photograph of his father, S. A. Lyanders, statesman, writer, a member of many publishing houses; his mother, G. N. Nozdrina, history teacher; his wife, E. S. Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya, native daughter of N. P. Konchalovskaya from his first marriage and a stepdaughter by S. V. Mikhalkov. Part of materials illustrates the social activities of J. Semenov.
  • Perpetuation of memory

    The section contains digital copies of the photos, which depict a plaque on the wall of J. Semenov on the wall of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the House Museum of the writer in the Crimea, the graves of Semenov and members of his family in the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow and the monument to the writer by Y. Rukavishnikov opened in Yalta in 2012.