Assault of the North

Singer, Max Emmanuilovich (1899-1960).    
Storm of the North: [polar expeditions and flights] / Max Singer. - Moscow; Leningrad: State Publishing House of Fiction, 1932. - [1] f. to., [l]. portraits., 151 pp., [13] f. yl. : ill., Port. -
On the title page content: Polar expedition of the schooner "Belukha"; The death of "St. John's wort" ("Braganza"); The life of the hunter-winterers in the Far North of the Soviets; The flight of the airship "Komsewerpput 2" from the island of Dickson to Gydoyamo; Kara expedition of the icebreaker "Malygin" in 1930. - With the dedication of the author.
1. Territory (collection). 2. Development of the Arctic (collection). 3. Polar Expeditions Soviet - History. 4. Polar expeditions Soviet - in fiction.
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Publisher Государственное издательство художественной литературы
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