Yu Semenov during an interview with Karl Wolff - a former SS general, a character in the novel "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

Yu Semenov during an interview with Karl Wolff - a former SS general, the character of the novel "Seventeen Moments of Spring": [photo]. - 1980. - 1 photo: Photo printing, color. -
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In 1979-1982. Julian Semenov worked as his own correspondent for the Literary Gazette on Western Europe. I met with many people, including Karl Wolf, one of the highest SS officers, SS Obergruppenfiihrer and SS General. Karl Wolff participated in the creation of the SS, was the closest associate and the most trusted person of Himmler. He was one of the authors of the symbolism and ideology of the SS. Since 1939 - a personal representative of Himmler at the rate of Adolf Hitler. Accompanied Himmler in all his trips, including concentration camps. In 1942, on personal orders, the SS Reichsfuehrer directed the transportation of the unreliable population and Jews from Warsaw to the extermination camp of Treblinka (altogether, according to his order, about 300,000 people were killed) .
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