Biological wastewater treatment

Danilov, Flegont Alexandrovich (1863-1930).    
Wastewater treatment by biological method: Oxidation method. Putrefactive process. Absorption theory: a report to the Provincial Congress of Physicians and Representatives of Zemstvos of the Tambov Gubernia of 1903: with two tables of drawings / engineer-technologist FA Danilov. - Tambov: Zemskaya printing house, 1904. - [23] p. : ill., Table. ; 25 cm. -
Bibliography in the footnotes. - Reprinted from No. 8 "Sanitary Review of the Tambov Gubernia" for 1903
1. Territory (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 4. Wastewater - Purification - Biological methods.
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