The Red Book of the Republic of Tatarstan


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The Red Book of the Republic of Tatarstan: animals, plants, mushrooms / Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan [and others; Editor-in-Chief: AA Nazirov]. - Edition 3-e. -Kazan: Ideal-press, 2016.-759 with. : color. ill., schemes .. -
In the overhead data also: Institute of Problems of Ecology and Subsoil Use of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University, FGBU Volzhsko-Kamsky State Reserve.
The title is parallel in Russian and Tatar languages.
Part of the text is in parallel in Russian, Tatar and Latin.
Bibliography at the end of sections and in the text. - Pointers: p. 740-756.
. -ISBN 978-5-85247-884-9 .
I. Nazirov, Almas Aminovich (1956-). II. Tatar ASSR. Ministry of Forestry. Territory (collection). 2. Territory of Russia: Tatarstan, Republic (collection). 3. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 4. The natural environment of Russia (collection). 5. Red Book - Tatarstan, Republic. 6. Plants - Protection - Tatarstan, Republic. 7. Animals - Security - Tatarstan, Republic.
BBC 28.588 (2Poss.Tat) I26
BBK 28.688 (2Poss.Tat) I26
BBK 20.1
Source of the electronic copy: Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan. Website
ISBN 978-5-85247-884-9
Издательство Идеал-пресс
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