"For a fraction of the people". Sculptor A. Charkin

"For a fraction of the people". Sculptor a. Charkin: [Picture]. -[Leningrad, 1966]. -Copy machine, black and white. -
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On the reverse is an inscription in ink: Charkin a. "people's share".
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Sculptural composition "for share folk" is the thesis work of a. s. Charkin, completed at the end of the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after Ilya Repin in 1966 year. The author of the "people's share" Albert Charkin was awarded the diploma of 1 degree of the Ministry of culture of USSR and the USSR Academy of Arts in the all-Union competition of students of art universities for the best creative and scientific work in the year 1968. The creation of the sculptural composition the author inspired a poem of Ivan Franko "the eternal revolutionary".
I. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). 1. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). Sculpture-Pictures. 2. People (collection). 3. Russia faces (collection). 4. A. Charkin (collection). 5. sculpture of Russian-20-photography. 6. Documentary photograph.
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