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Case: the journal is literary. - 1866 - January 1888. -St. Petersburg: the printing house of G. E. Blagosevetlo, 1866-1888. -
"Case" is a literary and scholarly journal, since 1869, "literary and political." It was published in St. Petersburg from the middle of 1866 to January 1888 every month. The journal of the revolutionary-democratic direction, the organ of a variety of radicalism.
Editors-publishers: in 1866–1879 N. I. Shulgin was the editor-publisher; in 1880, publisher Blagosvetlov, editor P.V. Bykov; in 1881, the publishers are Blagovetlov's heirs, the editor is N. V. Shelgunov; in 1883 - editor K. M. Stanyukovich; in 1884, publisher Stanyukovich, editor V.P. Ostrogorsky; on the third book of 1884, D. ceased "after the editor and publisher had left" ; in 1885 only one book came out. Since May 1886, the editor-publisher I. S. Durnovo resumed the journal, and stopped on the 1st book of 1888.
1. The people (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Russia - Social and political life - 1860-1880th years. -- Periodicals. 4. Social and political journals - Russia.
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G. 18 1884, No. 3, March. - Printing house N. A. Lebedeva, 1884. - [452] p. section pag : tabl .. -
Contains: Abba: essay: (ch. 1-3) / [op.] D. N. Sibiryak. In the winter night: poem / [op.] L. Palmina. N. V. Gogol: (on the method of his creative work) / [op.] E. S. Nekrasova (p. 37-68 [scans 43-74]). Than life is red: a novel by Emil Zola / translated by A. L. Moskvin. London shit / N. K., [and others]. - Bibliography in footnotes and in the text.
1. Russia in the faces (collection). 2. N.V. Gogol (collection).
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