Two ascents to the Avachinsky Sopka

Perfiliev, Boris Vasilyevich (1891-1969).    
Two ascents to the Avachinsky hillock / B. V. Perfiliev. - St. Petersburg: type. M. M. Stasyulevich, 1912. -34 p., [4] f. yl. ; 24. -
Without tit. l.
In the note: "The article of B. V. Perfilieva ... prod., member of the VL Komarov Island".
"Ot.Ot. from Izvestia of the Russian Geographical Society ", v. 48, v. 1, 1912, pp. 67-100".
Bibliograf. in the. note
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Avachinskaya volcano, volcano (Kamchatka, peninsula) - Ascents.
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Publisher Тип. М. М. Стасюлевича
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