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Sadovnikov, Dmitry Nikolayevich (1847-1883).    
Our explorers: (stories about the settlement of Siberia, 1581-1712): Ermak, Vlasyev, Bugor, Poyarkov, Khabarov, Nagiba, Stepanov, Buza, Buldakov, Dezhnev, Stadukhin, Morozko, Atlasov, Antsyforov / Sadovnikov Dmitry Nikolaevich. - Ed. The 2 nd. - Moscow: Type lithography of the TW IN Kushnerev and Co., 1898. - [2], 198 p. -
On the tit. l .: The first edition is included in the Catalog of books of M-va nar. prosv. for media. training. institutions and for free folk reading.
1. Territory (collection). 2. Russian America (collection). 3. Travelers are Russian. 4. Siberia - Description and travel of the Russian - 16-18 centuries ..
BBC 63.3 (285.2) 4
BBK 26.89 (285.2)
Source of electronic copy: Tyumen 'ONB
Location on the original: Тюменская ОНБ
Publisher Типо-литография т-ва И. Н. Кушнерев и К°
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