Steppe Life in Siberia


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  Kennan, George  (1845-1924).    
Steppe life in Siberia: wanderings between Koryak and other tribes of Kamchatka and Northern Asia / op. George Kenan. - St. Petersburg: type. M. Khan, 1871. - 254 p. ; 22 cm. Original: "Tent life in Siberia and adventures among the kosaks and other tribes in Kamtchatka and Northern Asia". - Trans. also under the heading: "Nomadic life in Siberia" .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Peoples of Siberia - Ethnography. 3. Kamchatka, peninsula - Description and travel - Ethnography.
BBC 63.529 (253.5)
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Издательство Тип. М. Хана
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