Composition "Pushkin and Natalie". Sculptor A. Charkin


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Composition "Pushkin and Natalie". Sculptor a. Charkin: [Picture]. -[Leningrad, 1999]. -Photocopying, colour. -
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Photo: sculpture project "Pushkin and Natalie" in the workshop of the sculptor, is made of clay. -On the flip side-inscriptions in ink: Comp. the 200-anniversary of his birth. Pushkin Alexander and Natalia ". Charkin. 1999 g.; Charkin a. s. Pushkin and Natalie ". 1999, marble, 60h30h30.
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Sculptural composition devoted to Alexander Pushkin and Natalie "was created by a. s. Charkinym in 1999, the year the 200 anniversary of the birth of the poet. The composition consists of two seated figures: a. s. Pushkin, in reverie, and Natalie, prilnuvshej to the spouse. Executed in marble, size 60h30h30 cm pieces.
I. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). 1. Alexander sergeyevich Pushkin (1799-1837)-sculpture-Pictures. 2. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). Sculpture-Pictures. 3. People (collection). 4. Russia faces (collection). 5. A. Charkin (collection). 6. A. s. Pushkin (collection). 7. sculpture of Russian-20-photography. 8. Documentary photograph.
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