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The Presidential Library marking Russia Day

12 June 2020

June 12, 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. The document proclaimed the primacy of the Constitution of Russia over legislative acts of the USSR. With this 1990 year event, a new stage in the history of our country begins - the creation of a democratic state of law. Subsequently, June 12 was a holiday - the Day of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation, and in 2002 a new name was officially assigned to the significant date – Russia Day.

The history of Russian statehood is one of the priorities of the Presidential Library. Today, the electronic collections of the institution are approaching a million depository items. These are unique materials that allow anyone to learn in detail about the life of our country in different historical eras. One can fully study them not only in the electronic reading room of the Presidential Library in St. Petersburg, but also with the help of remote access centers, which today open more than 1000 in Russia and abroad.   

Some documents are available on the Presidential Library’s portal. Of particular interest are the four basic collections: “State Authority”, “Russian People”, “Russian Language” and “Territory of Russia”.

The collection “State Authority” includes official and archival documents, scientific, popular science and educational publications, analytics, photo and newsreels, audio and video recordings, as well as documentaries. These materials spotlight the features of state power in Russia, show how its individual branches and bodies developed. In addition, the collection contains valuable information about the life and career of a number of statesmen.

As you know, any country is primarily the people who live in it. The collection “Russian People”  present people as the main value of the state, as the driving force of history. A special place in the collection is occupied by biographical materials about various figures of Russian history and culture.

Of course, one of the foundations of statehood and culture of our country is the Russian language. The collection of the same name contains materials covering the main stages of the historical development of the language, as well as manuscripts and publications of monuments of Russian writing, archival affairs, scientific works, dictionaries and reference books, study guides.

Our country occupies a significant part of the world map. Its boundaries were determined over several centuries. The collection "Territory of Russia" spotlights this theme. The composition of the collection includes geographical materials, photographs and archival documents that tell about the territory not only of modern Russia, but also of the countries that were part of the empire until 1917 and in the USSR.

By what rules the Russian state lives and lived before, one can find out thanks to the special collection “The Constitution - the Basic Law”. The selection contains drafts and full texts of all the constitutions of our country in different eras. The exhibition hall of the Presidential Library stores the only copy of the inaugural copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, presented by President Dmitry Medvedev on the opening day of the Presidential Library on May 27, 2009. An electronic copy of this document is also available on the institution's portal. In addition, the Constitution Hall can be visited from anywhere in the world thanks to the 3D tour, which is presented in the Electronic Museum of the Constitutional History of Russia.

The Presidential Chronicle features the establishment and development of the Institute of Presidency in Russia. Thus, the organization’s portal provides access to the films “Symbols of Presidential Power”, “Personal Library of the President of the Russian Federation”, “Archive of the President of the Russian Federation” and “I Appeal to President”.

The Presidential Library’s electronic resource focuses on the official symbols of our country: the films of the trilogy “State Symbols of Russia” are dedicated to each of them - the coat of arms, anthem and flag.

The Presidential Library is also a multimedia multifunctional cultural, educational, scientific and information-analytical center. The important tasks of the institution are the information support of public authorities, as well as the technological and organizational support of international, federal and regional socio-political and scientific-practical events.