The plan of the capital city of St. Petersburg with the image of the most famous avenues

Plan of the capital city of St. Petersburg with the image of the noblest avenues of it = Plan de la ville de St. Petersbourg avec ses principales vües / published by the works of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts. - St.Petersburg: [Printing house of the Academy of Sciences], 1753. - [2], 6 pp., 21 L. plan., ill. ; 2 °. -
Under the plan of St. Petersburg, the signatures: "Drafted the Academy of Sciences adjunct I. Truskot." - Under the review of the master Iv.Sokolova, Grid artists are general .-- Literals of the general artist under the review of the apprentice M. Makhaev. "
Engraving "Prospekt Nevskaya Prospective road from the Admiralty Triumphal Gate to the East" with the signatures of the artist. and gravel: "Under the review of Valeriani, the journeyman Mikhail Mikhayev took pictures." - Grigory master Grigory Kachalov. "
Views of St. Petersburg Fig. MI Makhaev under the leadership of I. Valeriani, gravel. - master GA Kachalov, as well as E. G. Vinogradov, J. Vasiliev, I. Elyakov, A. A. Grekov, E. Vnukov under the guidance of I. A. Sokolov.
On the engraving "Prospekt Nevskaya Prospective roads from the Admiralty's triumphal gate to the east "on the left - a house without a belfry, on the right - three houses.
Album of prints consisting of Petersburg plans on 9 sheets and 12 kinds of Petersburg on 16 sheets.
" Painting ... " . on rus. yaz. with transliterated lat. letters and fr.
Distinctive features of the publication: type. line after the line "Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts" is longer than this line; set. The ruler separating the Russian text of the title page from the French one consists of the same elements.
"Plan ..." in the second half of the 18th century. several times. Grav. transplantation. from the same boards, the text of "Painting ..." was recruited again. Each year, as many copies of the book as Acad ordered. book. The painting of the sides, islands, rivers, canals, the monastery, the cathedral, parish and other churches, the houses of its Imperial Majesty, public buildings and other, as well as the streets, meadows, squares, streets, alleys and bridges (P.1- 6). - Defective copy: only 9 sheets of plans, 8 sheets of illustrations (3 of them are glued from 2). - SK XVIII. - The book. Sat. 83. P. 200. - 150 copies. .
I. Truscott, Ivan Fomich (1719-1786). II. Sokolov, Ivan Alekseevich (1717-1757). III. Makhaev, Mikhail Ivanovich (1716-1770). IV. Valeriani, Giuseppe (1708-1762). V. Kachalov, Grigory Anikievich (1711-1759). VI. Vinogradov, Efim Grigoryevich (1725-1768). VII. Vasiliev, Yakov (1730-1760). VIII. Elyakov, Ivan Petrovich (1725-). IX. Grekov, Alexei Angileevich (1726-). X. Vnukov, Ekim Terentyevich (1723-). XI. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg) .1. Territory (collection). 2. St. Petersburg, the city - 18 century. - Plans.
ББК 63.3 (2-2СПб) я64
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Location of original copy: РГБ
Publisher [типография Академии наук]
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