Proceedings of the Far Eastern State University. No. 2. A New Way to the Great Ocean


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      Far Eastern National University  (Vladivostok).
Proceedings of the Far Eastern State University. - Vladivostok, 1928-1930
No. 2: New way to the Great Ocean: (essay on the economic geography of the Far East) / Arch. Greater Poland. - Printing house of the Far Eastern State University, 1930. - 17 pp., [2] f. maps., schemes. -
Tit. sheet and reg. on rus. and fr.
Ver. maps: Soviet Harbor: from the map of G. G. U. Morsk. newsletters. Scale 1: 84,000; Scheme of routes from Khabarovsk to the Soviet Harbor: (along the routes of VK Arseniev). Scale 1: 40.
The bibliography. in the note. .
I. Velikopolsky, Arkady Alexandrovich (1874-). 1. Far Eastern State University (Vladivostok, city) - Periodicals. 2. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Russia - History - The Far East - Periodicals. 5. USSR - Economic geography - Far East - Periodicals.
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Издательство Типография Дальневосточного государственного университета
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