Alexander Pushkin’s works

Alexander Pushkin’s works

Works of A.S. Pushkin. V. 7. Letters. (1816-1837)

Pushkin. Alexander Sergeevich. poet. 1799-1837. Works of A.S. Pushkin. St. Petersburg: publication of the Society for Benefits to Needy Writers and Scholars, 1887.
T. 7: Letters. (1816-1837).
Из частного собрания

The story of the Pugachev rebellion

Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevich (poet; 1799-1837). The history of the Pugachev rebellion. St. Petersburg: the edition of the bookseller Ya. A. Isakov, 1881.

Russian archive. G. 18 1880, book. 3

Russian archive. Moscow: University Press (Katkov and Co.), 1863-1917.
G. 18 1880, the book. 3. 1880.

Содерж.: Рукописи А.С. Пушкина: 1. Новая глава из "Капитанской Дочки"; 2. Письмо к Д. В. Давыдову. С. 218-228 [сканы 228-238].

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