Fontanka River

Fontanka River

  • Angliysky Bridge

    Opened in: 1906–1908 (wooden), 1963 (metal). Bridge width: 4.5 m. Total length: 58.4 m. Architects: P. A. Areshev, V. S. Vasilkovsky. Engineer – A. A. Kulikov.

  • Anichkov Bridge

    Opened in: 1716 (wooden), 1785 (stone bridge with towers), 1841 (modern). Bridge width: 38.2 m. Total length: 50 m. Sculptor – P. K. Klodt. Engineers: I. F. Buttatz, A. K. Reder.

  • Gorstkin Bridge

    Opened in: 1898 (wooden), 1949 (modern). Bridge width: 6.3 m. Total length: 53.5 m. Engineers: L. N. Kolpitsyn, P. V. Bazhenov.

  • Krasnoarmeysky Bridge

    Opened in 1956. Bridge width: 5.1 m. Total length: 61.5 m. Architects: P. A. Areshev, V. S. Vasilkovsky. Engineer – A. A. Kulikov.

  • Belinsky Bridge

    Opened in: 1733 (wooden), 1785 (bridge with towers), 1859 (modern). Bridge width: 19.06 m. Total length: 56 m. Engineer – J. R. Perronet (bridge with towers).

  • Egyptian (Yegipetsky) Bridge

    Opened in: 1826 (chain suspension bridge), 1955 (metal). Bridge width: 27.6 m. Total length: 53.3 m. Architects: P. A. Areshev, V. S. Vasilkovsky (modern bridge). Engineers: Wilhelm von Traitteur, V. A. Khristianovich (chain suspension bridge), V. V. Demchenko (modern).

    The name of the bridge comes from its unique design. Its architecture mirrors the profound interest in the Ancient Egyptian art in XIX century. Portals, pillars, cornice and other parts of the bridge were decorated with hieroglyphic ornaments; cast-iron sphinx figures were installed at the entrances on both sides of the bridge (sculptor P. P. Sokolov).

  • Izmaylovsky Bridge

    Opened in: 1788 (bridge with towers), 1861 (modern). Bridge width: 16 m. Total length: 70.5 m. Architect – A. I. Krakau. Engineer – V. V. Dymman.

  • Leshtukov Bridge

    Opened in: 1907 (wooden), 1952 (metal), 1999 (modern). Bridge width: 14,2 m. Total length: 52.2 m. Architect – A. Yu. Sholokhov. Engineer – L. N. Sobolev.

  • Lomonosov Bridge

    Opened in 1787. Bridge width: 16.1 m. Total length: 62.9 m. Architects: Yu. M. Felten (Veldten), V. I. Bazhenov. Engineer – J. R. Perronet.

  • Obukhovsky Bridge

    Opened in: 1717 (wooden), 1785 (bridge with towers), 1939 (modern). Bridge width: 31.8 m. Total length: 68.8 m. Architect – L. A. Noskov. Engineer – V. V. Demchenko.

  • Panteleymonovsky Bridge

    Opened in: 1824 (chain suspension bridge), 1908 (metal), 1914 (final architectural design). Bridge width: 23.7 m. Total length: 43 m. Architect – L. A. Ilyin. Engineers: Wilhelm von Traitteur (chain suspension bridge), A. P. Pshenitsky (modern).

  • Prachechny Bridge

    Opened in 1769. Bridge width: 20.6 m. Total length: 40.9 m. Architects: I. L. Rossi, T. I. Nasonov.

  • Semyonovsky Bridge

    Opened in: 1738 (wooden), 1788 (bridge with towers), 1857 (modern). Bridge width: 20.1 m. Total length: 54 m. Engineers: J. R. Perronet (bridge with towers), F. I. Enrold (modern).

  • Staro-Kalinkin Bridge

    Opened in: 1733 (wooden), 1788 (stone). Bridge width: 30.8 m. Architect – J. R. Perronet. Engineers: I. K. Gerard, P. K. Suchtelen.