Relations with individual states

Relations with individual states

Ancient and new Russia.1876 ​​T. 1, № 1

Ancient and new Russia.St. Petersburg: [chromolite.and type.IN AND.Grazian].1876 ​​T. 1, No. 1. 1876.
РГПУ им. А. И. Герцена

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Russian antiquity. 1890. [T. 65. Book. 4.]. April

Russian antiquity. St. Petersburg: B. and., 1890.
1890. [T. 65. Book. 4.]. April. 1890.

N. S. Golitsyn. Russian soldiers in Prussian service. 1713–1817. P. 125–132 (scans 129–136) [from the history of Russia-Prussia relations]