• Administrative Bulletin. M., 1922-1930.

    Magazine of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. It was edited in 1922-1930 in Moscow. 1922-1924 it was published with the title "Workers’ and Peasants’ Militsiya". Monthly magazine. It featured questions of administrative management, the practical activities of the militsiya, organs of the criminal investigation, civil registration, and places of confinement.

    Presented issues: 1925, 1929, 1930.

  • Academic Law Magazine. Irkutsk, 2000-.

    The scientific magazine has been editing since 2000 in Irkutsk. Publisher: Non-profit organization "Law and Democracy" Foundation, until 2007 - Baikal State University of Economics and Law. Quarterly magazine. The magazine publishes scientific works on topical issues of the theory and history of law, municipal and financial law, criminal procedure, criminalistics, constitutional law.

    Presented issues: 2007-2011.

  • Altai Digest. Barnaul, 1894-1930, 1991-.

    Publication of the Altai Exploration Society. "Digest" was released in the indefinite period, from 1894 to 1930 in Barnaul (in 1894 in Tomsk). 12 volumes were published in all. There was a break in the publication: the 11th volume was published in 1912, the 12th - in 1930, volume 13 was not edited. At different times it was published by the Altai Research Society, the Altai Department of the West Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the Altai Geographical Society, and the Barnaul Natural History Museum. Resumed in 1991 with the same title, the numbering of volumes continues. Responsible (chief) editors: V. A. Skubnevsky (issue 15, 16, 18-21); A. V. Startsev, A. B. Shamshin (issue 17); N. G. Tkachenko (issue 19). Publishers: Altai Regional Local Lore Association, Altai Regional Local Lore Museum, etc. Digest publishes documents and materials about the history of Altai from ancient times to the present. The material is systematized into sections: Pages of History; From the History of Settlements; Historical Demography; Historical Archive; Names; Local History and Archeology; Criticism and Bibliography; and others. Some issues are thematic: issue 17 is devoted to the 170th anniversary of the Altai Regional Local Lore Museum, issue 19 is marking the 110th anniversary of the Vyacheslav Shishkov Altai Regional Universal Scientific Library. The table of contents of Volumes 1-4 of the "Altai Digest" is placed in Volume 4, issue 2 (4th p., title.).

    Presented issues: 1894, 1903, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1912, 1930.

  • Arbitration. Moscow, 1931-1940.

    Press organ of the State Arbitral Tribunal of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR. It was published in 1931-1940, in Moscow. Until No. 19 (1935), it was entitled "Bulletin of the State Arbitral Tribunal of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR". Publication frequency: 2 times per month. Publishers: "Soviet Legislation" (1931-1937), Judicial Publishing House of the People's Commissariat of Justice of the USSR (1937-1940). Articles featured the activities of the bodies of the State State Arbitral Tribunal, decisions of the State Arbitral Tribunal and its departments, current legislation and departmental directives, chronicles, consultations.

    Presented issues: 1937-1940

  • Argus. Saint-Petersburg, 1905-1906.

    An art political satirical magazine edited in Saint-Petersburg in 1905-1906. Originally published as a magazine devoted to issues of politics, literature, theater, music, and sports. Editor-publisher: S. A. Cicolini. Weekly magazine. 13 issues were issued in 1905; No. 14 was confiscated by the police. 14 issues were issued in 1906. The magazine featured stories, poems, essays, articles, and reviews.

    Presented issues: 1905, 1906.

  • Arctica. Leningrad, 1933-1937.

    Non-periodic collection of the All-Union Arctic Institute. The edition was published in 1933-1937 in Leningrad. Only five books were issued. In 1937, after the publication of Book 5, the publication merged with the Bulletin of the Arctic Institute. "Problems of the Arctic" magazine was launched instead of both editions. Editors: prof. V. Y. Wiese and prof. R. L. Samoilovich. The magazine featured research activities in the Arctic. Materials were published in Russian and foreign languages.

    Presented issues: 1933-1937.

  • Atheist. Moscow, 1922-1930

    A monthly magazine and collection of scientific materials. It was published in Moscow in 1922-1930. In the beginning, it was a non-party anti-religious newspaper. From April 1922 to April 1925, the magazine was not issued. The publication was relaunched in 1925 (No. 1, May) as a political and popular scientific magazine, since 1926 - a magazine and collection. On No. 59 of 1930, it was replaced by the Voinstvuiuschii Ateizm (Militant Atheism) magazine. Publication frequency: monthly. The magazine issued articles on the history of religion and culture, critical materials on the church activities, information and reviews of books and articles about religion, etc. The material was systematized by sections: Politics; History of Religion and Culture; Church and State; History of Atheism; Chronicle; Bibliography, etc.

    Presented issues: 1925-1926, 1928-1930