• Pioneer. Moscow, 1924-.

    The literary, art, and socio-political magazine for pioneers and schoolchildren. It was launched on March 15, 1924, in Moscow. Monthly edition (until 1936 - two times a month). In 1926, the "Baraban" ("Drum") magazine joined the magazine. Press organ of Vladimir Lenin Central Bureau of Children's Communist Groups. (1924-1926), Vladimir Lenin Central Bureau of the Children's Communist Organization (1926-1935), the Central Committee of the Komsomol, and the Central Council of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization (since 1935). Chief Editors: B. A. Ivanter (1933-1938), P. K. Shari (1938-1941), N. V. Ilyin (1941-1971), S. A. Furin (1971-1986), A. S. Moroz (since 1986). Since 1991, the founder of the magazine has been the Editorial Board of the "Pioneer" magazine. The magazine published at different times works of Z. I. Voskresenskaya, M. P. Prilezhaeva, Y. Y. Yakovlev, A. G. Aleksin, S. Y. Marshak, A. P. Gaidar, L. A. Kassil, B. S. Zhitkov, K. G. Paustovsky, R. I. Fraerman, V. A. Kaverin, A. L. Barto, V. V. Bianki, S. V. Mikhalkov, V. P. Krapivin, and other children's writers.

    Presented issues: 1930.

  • Under the Banner of Marxism: Monthly Philosophical and Socio-economic Journal. M., 1922-1944.

    Philosophical and Socio-economic journal. It was published in Moscow from January 1922 to June 1944. Editors: V.A. Ter-Vaganyan (1922-1923), academician A.M. Deborin (1926-1930), academician M.B. Mitin (1931-1944), corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences M.T. Iovchuk (1944). Periodicity: monthly (1922-1932, 1936-1944), once every two months (1933-1935). The successor of the publication is the journal "Questions of Philosophy", published since 1947. There are indexes of the contents: Rozanov Ya. Summary index to the journal " Under the Banner of Marxism" for the first five years (1922-1926) (published in No. 1, 1927);; The journal " Under the Banner of Marxism", 1922-1944 : index of contents / B.V. Yemelyanov, T.V. Shekunova. Yekaterinburg, 2011. The journal published articles on philosophical and socio-political topics, criticism and bibliography, messages and notes.

    Presented issue: 1938

  • Polotsk-Vitebsk Antiquity. Vitebsk, 1911-1916.

    Edition of the Vitebsk Scientific Archival Commission. It was published in 1911-1912 and 1916 in Vitebsk. Vol. 1 (1910) was entitled "Proceedings of the Vitebsk Scientific Archival Commission", but it changed the name to "Polotsk-Vitebsk Antiquity". The frequency was not regular. A total of three issues were edited. Editorial Committee: V. A. Kadygrobov, Chairman of the Commission, V. N. Tychinin, S. S. Kommisarzhevsky, K. I. Tikhomirov, and others. It featured materials on the history and current status of Polotsk-Vitebsk Region.

    Presented issues: 1911, 1912, 1916.

  • Law and Life. Moscow, 1922-1928.

    The magazine was devoted to issues of law and economic development. It was published in 1922-1928 in Moscow, edited by prof. A. M. Vinaver, M. N. Gernet, and A. N. Trainin. The magazine published articles on the problems of jurisprudence, Soviet and foreign legislation, state system, administrative justice, civil code, etc., law chronicle and government orders.

    Presented issues: 1922-1927.

  • Idle time, used in favor: a journal / Land gentry cadet corps. St. Petersburg., 1759-1760.

    A journal published in St. Petersburg in 1759-1760. It was compiled and printed in the Gentry Cadet Corps. Weekly. It was released without the designation of serial numbers. The title is not indicated in some of the issues, the release dates are placed in the signature. Initially, the journal published translated articles on moral and ethical topics, about world history, manufactory production, and trade. Famous writers N.S. Titov, A.A. Nartov and S.V. Perfiliev collaborated with the edition. In 1760, when P.I. Pastukhov, a teacher of the Gentry Corps, became the publisher of the journal, the focus of the publication is changing – satirical articles appear in it, A.P. Sumarokov begins to be actively published.

    Presented issue: 1759

  • Nature and People. St. Petersburg, 1889-1918

    The popular scientific illustrated weekly magazine for family reading and self-education. It was published in 1889-1918, in St. Petersburg / Petrograd. Editors: F. S. Gruzdev (1889-1905), P. P. Soikin (1906-1918, No. 4), Ya. I. Perelman (1918, No. 5). The magazine published articles on various branches of science and questions of practical life, collected and individual works of Russian and foreign writers. It issued free supplements: Contemporary Life (1903-1905), World of Adventures (1910-1928), Knowledge for All (1915-1916), and the series: Library of Novels. (Adventures on Land and at Sea) (1900-1904), Library of Knowledge (1913-1914).

    Presented issues: 1893, 1895-1897

  • Proletarian Revolution and Law. Moscow, 1918-1921.

    Magazine of the People's Commissariat for Justice of RSFSR. It was published in 1918-1921 in Moscow. Monthly edition (since 1919). The magazine published articles on the issues of Soviet justice, employment, and criminal law, marriage and divorce, guardianship, etc. Among the authors were famous lawyers, legislators, and statesmen: A. G. Goichbarg, Z. R. Tettenborn, People's Commissar for Justice of RSFSR D. I. Kursky and others. The journal also published reports, instructions, and decrees of the People's Commissariat for Justice of RSFSR, various official materials.

    Presented issues: 1918-1919, 1921.

  • Pushkin and His Contemporaries: materials and studies: periodical of the Commission for the publication of Pushkin's works of the Russian Language and Literature Department of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. Saint-Petersburg, 1903-1930

    The first periodical of Pushkin researchers. It was established in 1903 by B. L. Modzalevsky. The release of "Materials and Studies" ceased after the Modzalevsky's death. In 1999, the publication was resumed by the staff of the Institute of Russian Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushkin House).

    Presented issues: 1907, 1908, 1910, 1913, 1914.