• The Library of Russian Sport: monthly sports magazine. M., 1911

    Sports magazine was published as separate books in Moscow in 1911. Monthly edition. Editor and publisher: Konstantsiya Lyudvigovna Kovzan. The magazine published materials about the history of sports, memoirs, artworks on sports topics, descriptions of sports games, sports writings, bibliography, announcements.

    Submitted: 1911

  • The Blagovest. Kharkov - Saint-Petersburg, 1883-1896.

    Magazine of the Slavophilia intellectual movement (public spiritual and didactic publication) published in 1883-1896. It was originally published in Kharkov (1883-1887), then in 1888-1889 (No. 9) in Saint-Petersburg. From No. 10, 1889 to № 1/2, 1890 was published in Nizhyn. Issue 1 (August) 1890 was launched in Saint-Petersburg again. In 1895-1896 it was published as a literary supplement to the "Russian Сonversation" magazine. It was issued twice a month, monthly. Publishers: G. I. Kulzhinsky (1883-1890, No. 1/2); N. N. Filippov (issue 1 (Aug.) - 9 1890); A. V. Vasiliev (No. 10, 1891 - 1896). Editor (in publication: helmsman): F. V. Chetyrkin; at the end of 1890, A.V. Vasiliev became an editor.

    Presented issues: 1895.

  • Bulletin of the Arctic Institute of the USSR. Leningrad, 1931-1936.

    Edition of the All-Union Arctic Institute of the Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route of the Council of People's Commissars of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. It was published in 1931-1936 in Leningrad. The publication ceased in 1937 when the "Problems of the Arctic" magazine was launched instead of it. Frequency: 12 issues per year. The bulletin published the results of scientific expeditions, materials of the latest research on the history of discovery, exploration, and study of the Arctic, materials of the Institute’s general meetings, meetings of the Scientific Council, and literature reviews.

    Presented issues: 1931-1936.

  • Bulletin of the Leningrad Regional Department of Public Education. Leningrad, 1923-1931

    The bulletin was published by the Leningrad Regional Department of Public Education in Petrograd/Leningrad from 1923 to 1931. It had various titles: Information Bulletin of the Petrograd Provincial Department of Public Education (1923-1924), Information Bulletin of the Leningrad Provincial Department of Public Education (1924-1926), Bulletin of the Leningrad Provincial Department of Public Education (1927), from 1927 (No. 37) - Bulletin of the Leningrad Regional Department of Public Education. Publication frequency: until No. 30 (1923), the publication was issued by separate leaflets, from 1924 - 2 times per month. It issued articles on the history and current state of public education, activities of the provincial/regional Department of Public Education, a chronicle, official documents, teaching aids, bibliography.

    Presented issues: 1925-1926

  • Bulletin of the Local Lore Society at the Museum of Tobolsk North. Tobolsk, 1927-1930.

    The magazine was edited by the Local Lore Society at the Museum of Tobolsk North. It was published in 1927-1930 in Tobolsk. Quarterly magazine. The pages of the bulletin featured works devoted to a comprehensive study of the Tobolsk North - history, ethnography, industry and social life, geography, archeology, literature, etc.

    Presented issues: 1927-1930.

  • Bulletin of the Russian APEC Study Center. Moscow, 2010-.

    Edition of the Russian APEC Study Center. The bulletin has been published since 2010 in Moscow. The publication is devoted to a wide range of issues discussed at the APEC forum. Main sections: News of Russian Chairmanship in APEC (2012); APEC Events Calendar; Key Topics discussed by APEC; Special Aspects of APEC Activities; APEC Final Documents.

    Presented issues: 2011, 2012.