• Far Eastern Statistical Review. Khabarovsk; Blagoveshchensk, 1924-1930

    Edition of the Far Eastern Regional Statistical Office. It was published in 1924-1930 in Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk. In 1924-1927, the magazine was entitled "Statistical Bulletin". The publication frequency was not regular (single and double numbers). The magazine's material was divided into sections: General Economics, Foreign Trade, Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Market, Social Statistics, Labor, Exchange, Construction, Chronicle, Bibliography, etc.

    Presented issues: 1928-1930.

  • Delo (Work): scientific and literary magazine. Saint-Petersburg, 1866-1888

    The scientific and literary magazine. Since 1869 it became a "literary and political" edition. It was published in Saint-Petersburg from mid-1866 to January 1888 every month. Magazine of the revolutionary democratic movement, a press organ of the radical movement. Editors and publishers: in 1866-1879, N. I. Shulgin was listed as editor and publisher; in 1880, the publisher was Blagosvetlov, the editor was P. V. Bykov; in 1881, the publishers were the heirs of Blagosvetlov, the editor was N. V. Shelgunov; in 1883, the editor was K. M. Stanyukovich; in 1884, the publisher was Stanyukovich, the editor was V. P. Ostrogorsky. After the third book in 1884 the publication was discontinued; in 1885, only one book was published. Since May 1886, the editor and publisher I. S. Durnovo resumed the magazine, but after the first book in 1888 the publication finally ceased.

    Presented issues: 1884.

  • Dinamovets TSCHO (Dinamo Member of Central Сhernozem Region): monthly regional sports magazine: press organ of the Central Сhernozem Regional and Voronezh Councils of the Proletarian Sports Society Dynamo. Voronezh, 1932-1933

    Sports magazine, a press organ of the Central Сhernozem Regional and Voronezh Councils of the Proletarian Sports Society Dynamo. It was published in 1932-1933 in Voronezh. Monthly magazine. It featured materials on physical culture issues and the Dynamo society activities in Central Сhernozem Region.

    Presented issues: 1932-1933.

  • Dinamovets Yakutii (Dinamo Member of Yakutia) Yakutsk, 1933-.

    Sports magazine, a press organ of the Yakut Republican Council of the Proletarian Sports Society Dynamo. It was published in 1933 in Yakutsk. The executive editor was Shmelev. The magazine was edited two times a month. It featured materials related to the activities of the Dynamo Society in the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

    Presented issues: 1933.

  • For the People's Teacher. Moscow, 1907-1917

    The pedagogical magazine, the press organ of popular schooling, was published in 1907-1917, in Moscow. Editors: N. V. Tulupov and P. M. Shestakov, from 1915 - N. V. Tulupov. Publishers: N. V. Tulupov and P. M. Shestakov, from 1913 (No. 12) also G. R. Sabsovich, from 1915 (No. 1) - N. V. Tulupov, from 1915 (No. 7) - I. D. Sytin. Publication frequency: 2 times per month (a break in July and August). The magazine was intended to facilitate the consolidation of popular education workers. It featured information about legislation on popular education; issues of domestic and foreign schools and pedagogical ideas, the activities of popular educational institutions; articles on the theory and history of pedagogy, methods of teaching academic subjects; comments on scientific and pedagogical literature, information on issues of school and out-of-school education; letters and memoirs of people's teachers. The magazine published articles by N. V. Chekhov, V. I. Charnolussky, I. A. Bunin, N. A. Rubakin and others.

    Presented issues: 1913, 1915