• Legal Chronicle. Saint-Petersburg, 1890-1892.

    Law magazine. It was published in 1890-1892 in Saint-Petersburg. Monthly edition. The last issue No. 12 was edited in 1892. Editor and publisher: Professor N. D. Sergeevsky. The magazine featured issues of domestic law; legislative chronicle, judicial, scientific and literary, as well as a bibliography of judicial literature. Among the authors were well-known lawyers: N. F. Deryuzhinsky, A. A. Isaev, N. M. Korkunov, A. F. Koni, N. V. Muravyov, N. S. Tagantsev, V. K. Sluchevsky, and others.

    Presented issues: 1890-1892.

  • Legal Science and Law Enforcement Practices. Tyumen, 2006-.

    Scientific and practical magazine. It has been publishing in Tyumen since 2006. The publication enters the Russian Science Citation Index. In 2003-2005, it was entitled "Scientific Bulletin of the Tyumen Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation". Founder: Tyumen Institute for Advanced Studies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Editorial Board: V. A. Iogolevich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor (Chairman) and others. Quarterly edition. The magazine's material is systematized into sections: Law enforcement methodology, Protection and defence of human rights, Administrative delictology, Criminal law, Criminology, Penitentiary system, Law enforcement policy, Criminal procedure review, Improving law enforcement, Legal science and law enforcement review, Comparative and foreign experience, Personnel, moral and psychological support for law enforcement agencies, Problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: view of young researchers, etc.

    Submitted: 2017.

  • Legal notes issued by Demidov Law Lyceum. Yaroslavl, 1908-1914.

    Magazine published by Demidov Law Lyceum. It was published in 1908-1914 in Yaroslavl. Publication frequency - 2 issues per year (1908-1910), since 1911 - 4 issues per year. Editors (at different times): F. V. Taranovsky, A. L. Baykov, P. V. Gidulyanov, R. M. Orzhenitsky, S. E. Sabinin, M. P. Chubinsky, G. S. Feldstein, A. R. Svirshchevsky, A. L. Freigat-Loringoven, B. A. Kistyakovsky, V. N. Shiryaev and others. The magazine featured theory and history of domestic and foreign law. The protocols of general meetings of the Yaroslavl Law Society were edited in 1908-1909 as a supplement to the magazine.

    Presented issues: 1910-1914.

  • Law Messenger. M., 1867-1892.

    Magazine of the Moscow Law Society. It was published in 1867-1892 in Moscow. Monthly magazine. Editors (at different times): V. N. Kalachov, V. N. Leshkov, A. M. Falkovsky, M. M. Kovalevsky, S. A. Muromtsev. The magazine featured articles on criminal and civil law and process, state and international law, history and philosophy of law, political economy and finance, legal chronicle, and translations of foreign authors.

    Presented issues: 1867-1869, 1871-1892.